16 November 2012

Pudsey - and beyond!

Thanks to Tony Curran for this good news on the future of bluegrass sessions at Ellie May's (left), Dunadry, Co. Antrim:

I have had several enquiries about the status of the Ellie May sessions, and, with the BBC Children In Need 2012 appeal being broadcast tonight, whether or not these sessions will continue.

Rest assured that the sessions in Ellie May's will continue each Saturday (from 3.00 p.m.) for the foreseeable future, with the exception of Saturday 24 November 2012, when the Dunadry Bluegrass Militia will be on manoeuvres in Scotland. Normal cacophony will resume on 1 December!

Since tomorrow will be the last Children In Need benefit session, I would like to call on all bluegrass musicians who might have an hour or two to spare, to come along and support the session by either playing, listening, singing, or 'foot-stompin'' - and don't forget the wallet/purse!

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