15 November 2012

Paul McKenna Band on YouTube - update

Thanks to Alan Chapman, whose YouTube videos of the Southern Tenant Folk Union were linked to the BIB about the time of the STFU tour here in May this year. Alan now writes about musicians from a different musical tradition:

I am just in the middle of a similar exercise but this time with the Scottish folk band, the Paul McKenna Band. While I realise that this isn't bluegrass, I hoped you might be interested to see the videos. There will eventually be seventeen (all of the tunes from the band's performance at the Davy Lamp Folk Club). The following link should take you to an 'apachidesigns' playlist entitled 'The Paul McKenna Band'.

BIB editor's updated note: We first published this post with the wrong link which led to the band's own YouTube channel instead of to the playlist. Thanks to Alan for supplying the proper link.

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