26 November 2012

Holding the fort at Ellie May's, 24 Nov. 2012: correction

Apologies to both Kate Crawford and Katie Loughrin for not distinguishing properly between them in our Sunday post about Saturday's session at Ellie May's (left), Dunadry, Co. Antrim. Kate C. sets us right; it was she who reported:

Bluegrass at Ellie Mays went ahead today [Sat.], as some of the guys (including the 'handsome one') did not go to Scotland. Playing today were Brian, John Savage, Colin Allen, Colin Henry, Noel Campbell, and making her appearance, Katie Loughrin, the daughter of Arnie and Sharon of Red Room, Cookstown fame.

It was to all accounts a very good session, and was finished off when some of the guys had gone home, by Noel treating the patrons of Ellie May's to some good old Neil Diamond. I have to hold my hands up here and admit I always pester Noel to to do some Neil Diamond...

And Kate adds: 'Oh and by the way John Savage did a very nice version of Van the Man's 'Brown eyed girl'.

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