09 November 2012

Greasy Coats resident in James's St., Dublin

Thanks to Derek Copley (with banjo in above photo) of the Greasy Coat Stringband, who writes:

I am hoping you could oblige us by posting our weekly old-time session on the blog. It is held every Friday night in Ryan's/Hannan's Bar on St James' St., Dublin, from 10.00 p.m. This Friday (9 November), Liam Kennedy will be joining us, along with musicians from Dublin and Sligo. Musicians most welcome!

The session has been running for two months now and we want to keep it going. It began as an old-time session, with some trad and ballads to satisfy the odd call for 'a Christy Moore one!', but we are trying to 'purify' it to strictly old-time, and thus need like-minded musicians and listeners to come along. We can be found on Facebook here and Hannan's Bar can be found here.

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