30 October 2012

Red Barn Radio: music from 'the heart of the Bluegrass'

Thanks to Ed Commons for this news from 'the heart of the Bluegrass', Lexington, Kentucky, USA (a city whose links with Co. Kildare were a contributory factor in the early years of the Athy Bluegrass Festival).

Ed is the producer/director of Red Barn Radio, a syndicated radio programme, now in its eleventh season, which offers an authentic look into the bluegrass and old-time music and musicians of the Kentucky region. Recorded in front of a live audience, it includes interview material woven into the show, giving insight into the history and interests of the music and musicians, and their roots in Kentucky. Ed writes:

I am interested in getting our programme to listeners around the world where an interest and love for bluegrass and its roots are appreciated. I am wondering if you might have any suggestions of stations in your country or region that might be interested in such a programme. Any contact information would be appreciated.

The show is offered free of charge, and is available from a secure download site in the NPR format. It is offered in two parts, both 59 minutes each, with a separate promo.

You can find more information on Red Barn Radio from the website. Contact Ed Commons by e-mail.



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