29 October 2012

Jed on air to promote John Dowling Banjo Weekend

Thanks to Derek Lockhart of Dangem Bluegrass for this news:

This is Jed, just before we went on to play and promote the John Dowling Banjo Weekend in the Spectrum Centre next Friday and Saturday. This was on the 'Saturday Magazine' with John Toal on BBC Radio Ulster; you can catch it on iPlayer. We are about 1.30 into the programme. In the picture (l-r): Derek Norwood (guitar), Colin Henry (resophonic guitar), Tony Curran (banjo), Derek Lockhart (bass). The sound was a bit ropey - it sounded good at our end, but it was live radio, so anything can happen.

Don’t forget the great evening concert on Saturday 3 Nov. at the Spectrum Centre with John Dowling + the Down & Out Bluegrass Band. Tickets only £5.00; contact the Spectrum Centre for booking, call 028 9050 4555, or e-mail.

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