23 October 2012

4th Balla Bluegrass Festival, 26-9 Oct. 2012

Having attended all three previous Balla Bluegrass Festivals so far as a member of Woodbine, the BIB editor wishes to make it more widely known that this very enjoyable mini-festival is making progress towards getting out of the 'mini' category. In addition to Mannion's (the core festival venue), the Olde Woods, on the other side of Balla Main Street, will also be hosting bands and concerts, with the schedule staggered so that the determined fan can move across the street to hear the next band without missing an act.

The concert programme includes the Molly Hicks (Fri.), the Down and Out Bluegrass Band (Fri.-Sat.), the splendid High Plains Tradition (USA; Sat. & Sun.), Woodbine (Sun.), and Colonel Bullshot (Mon.), together with jam sessions and other enjoyment. For further information, contact Chris Mannion (094 9365093) or Tom Lyons (087 2296018), or e-mail.

The BIB reader may note that although this year's programme has been made known by posters and other means, the information is not on the Festival website. We suggest that any bluegrass enthusiast in Mayo or adjoining counties who also has experience in operating websites should contact Tom Lyons via the above 'phone number or e-mail link.

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