23 September 2012

Old Tire Swingers in Britain and Ireland, 1-19 Nov. 2012, Jan.-Feb. 2013

Thanks to FOAOTMAD for the news that the Old Tire Swingers four-piece string band from California will be touring these islands during the first three weeks of November 2012. No details are at present available on their online tour schedules.

A tour is also planned from 11 January to 12 February 2013, and their agent, Alan Rooke of Owlsworld in Britain, is looking for booking for them during that time (with the exception of 26 January, when they are appearing at Moniaive, Scotland). Contact Alan by e-mail.

The band are described as influenced by the Appalachian string bands as well as their own central Californian country roots: 'They play a style of music that’s somewhere between bluegrass, old-time and country, which has resulted in not only a set of traditional tunes but also their own unique blend of music.' More information is on their Facebook page.

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