08 September 2012

Mine's a pint

The BIB editor reports:

Bluegrass Today, the father and mother of bluegrass blogs, published yesterday an item on the latest innovation by Chris Pandolfi, banjo-player with the Infamous Stringdusters (USA). A new way of filming the band in performance has been developed and proved in action, with what Bluegrass Today calls

a bevy of pint-sized cameras

clipped to the instruments' headstocks like electronic tuners. You can see on the BT post a video that was shot using this method.

Maybe we see more of pints than bluegrassers in the States do, but I for one do not want a camera the size of a pint - still less the weight of a pint - clipped to the head of my banjo. Life is difficult enough as it is; and this idea only increases my desire for a genuine pint: hand-held, rechargeable, and without any special visual effects.

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