29 September 2012

I Draw Slow on Bluegrass Today

Today, Bluegrass Today carries a feature on I Draw Slow: John Lawless, founder of Bluegrass Today and Acutab Publications, conducts a five-minute video interview with Dave and Louise Holden, ranging from their background in music and their place on the spectrum of Irish and American music to their album Redhills and their current schedule in the USA.

Watch the whole interview here. You can also read a major illustrated feature on the Prescription Bluegrass Blog about I Draw Slow, Niall Toner, and the German band Covered Grass (who played at the Omagh festival earlier four weeks ago), and the impact of their performances at IBMA's World of Bluegrass 2012.

Update 30 Sept.: Watch out for an interview by John Lawless with Niall Toner, which should appear on Bluegrass Today in the next few days. Niall says: 'We talked about my own learning curve in the music, and about my new Pinecastle release.'

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