17 September 2012

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West: update

Loudon Temple of the UK Brookfield Knights agency checks up:

Hi, folks - just following up on our last circular [see the BIB of 11 Sept.] about touring Cahalen Morrison & Eli West in Ireland in April next year. We now have serious interest from some great venues and promoters, and just want to make sure that your lack of response should be taken correctly as lack of interest and not that you meant to respond and didn't get around to it.

We will next week be sending out 150 copies of their sensational new album Our Lady of the tall trees on a widespread basis for review and radio plays. Here they are performing the title track. I would very much appreciate if you would get back to us to either declare an interest or let us know you are going to take a pass. That way, we know for sure that no one has missed out.

By the way, later this week, we will be in touch with those who have expressed an interest in having Woody Pines back. Again, if you don't want to miss out there, please be sure to let us know. Many thanks.

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