06 September 2012

Aftermaths of Omagh

Thanks to Joyce Merne* for the news that at the Ulster American Folk Park last weekend, during its 21st Bluegrass Music Festival, she discovered a very valuable object that someone had lost. Joyce would be glad to locate the owner, and has (so far) had no response from the Folk Park's Facebook page. Anyone who has lost a valuable object and wishes to check whether it is what Joyce has found should contact her by e-mail.

* By mistake, Joyce's name appeared as 'Corcoran' when this post was first published.

Finally, a little light relief: thanks to Des Butler for photos of the Three Rock Mountain String Ensemble on the open mic stage on Saturday 1 September, of which this is one (l-r: Tim Hawkins, Cathal Cusack, Richard Hawkins).

The band were clearly feeling good, and - as they'd stopped playing - perhaps the audience were too...

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