31 August 2012

Titbits from FOAOTMAD

Thanks as always to FOAOTMAD, the UK's old-time music and dance association, for their weekly mailout - a treasury of news, not just about old-time subjects. For instance, there's a mention of the new range of designer bluegrass T-shirts by Anne Steel of © Maui Waui Design in Norfolk, England (see left for a sample and the BIB of 7 June for more detail). FOAOTMAD remind those who would prefer T-shirts with an old-time theme that the association's own shirts, with the slogan 'Old Time here is not forgotten', are available.

There's this link to a 56-minute video, a salutary reminder that Elderly Instruments is not just an online address for browsing or ordering things but an actual building and store in Michigan, stuffed with fine instruments and accessories of all kinds, and clearly a highly rewarding place to visit or work at.

And there's this link to an 'American Roots Music' Facebook page, with dozens of photos of musicians from the 1920s and '30s. Sign on for FOAOTMAD's newsletter for more of the same.

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