15 August 2012

Scottish Autoharp Weekend 2012

Thanks to Maeve Toner, who writes that

... my trip to Scottish Autoharp Weekend was a great experience.

The people were friendly and welcoming, the workshops were informative and fun, the sessions were mighty. There were many very talented people gathered in the tiny village of Moniaive, coming from England, Scotland, Outer Hebrides, and one Dub!

As autoharp players tend to be a little thin on the ground, it was a valuable opportunity to share different styles and techniques, and we were all getting a chance to 'test drive' one another's 'harps. This was a bit of a double-edged sword, as I am now developing the first symptoms of AAS (Autoharp Acquisition Syndrome), for which there is no known cure.

So it's not just banjo-players...

The Scottish Autoharp Weekend is a UK Autoharps event, and full details are on the SAW page of the UKA website. Videos from the first SAW last year can be seen on YouTube. Moniaive will be hosting its annual Bluegrass Festival (with strong Ulster input) on 28-30 Sept. 2012.

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