27 August 2012

All I want is a pig in a pen...

... but at least the pig should be in good condition. Dangem Bluegrass send this reminder that they will be doing set-up jobs at their stand in the old Wheelwright's Shop at the Ulster American Folk Park during the coming weekend's Bluegrass Music Festival; so if your banjo is a 'pig' to play,

we will check up, and check it out, and leave it sounding so good even the pig will be smiling.

As shown above. Dangem add:

Let’s face it: everyone likes an easy playing, good sounding 5-string banjo.

In an ideal world, that would indeed be true... As chance would have it, Bluegrass on the Tube has just sent a link to a video of Nothin' Fancy doing a nice version of 'Grandma bought a hog'.

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