29 July 2012

When Tumbling Bones roll into the West

Uri Kohen reports from the far West:

For readers and contributors to this blog, bluegrass is all around us all the time; it is not always the case for everybody in Westport, Co. Mayo. Although our festival brought this wonderful music into the knowledge of a lot of people, it is not always easy to get access to good live bluegrass music.

Last Friday (27 July) Tumbling Bones from New York came to town as part of the last leg of their Irish tour. McGing's pub was full from door to door, and when the sweet music started it was great to see the smile of the excited audience. There was a great feeling in the air that bluegrass made its mark on Westport.

The show was phenomenal: the lads kept changing instruments and backing each other with wonderful harmonies and great control of the instruments. They played for over two hours and left the crowd asking for more. Tt was a great show and highly recommended for bluegrass lovers.

Once again Westport took bluegrass music into its heart and proved to be a welcoming home for the music and those who can play it. Next time bluegrass will call over to McGing's to say hello will be at the end of August, and details of that show will come soon. See you all in Westport!

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