24 July 2012

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West to tour Ireland, Scotland, and Shetland, Apr.-May 2013

Thanks to the Brookfield Knights agency for the news that neo-old-time duo Cahalen Morrison & Eli West (USA), who have just completed a tour in Britain, will be returning to these islands for the period 12 April-8 May 2013 and have specifically asked the agency to focus on dates in Scotland, Ireland, and Shetland, beginning in Ireland.

Morrison & West are earning considerable acclaim and took part last December in the Bluegrass Jamboree!, Rainer Zellner's annual 'touring festival' in central Europe. Read, see, and hear more of them on their own website, on the Brookfield Knights artists page, and on UKBluegrass.com. The image above is from the front of their second CD, Our Lady of the Tall Trees; they are expected to release another this year.

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