10 May 2012

Open House becomes a serial festival for 2012

Kieran Gilmore, director of the Open House Festival in Belfast, announces with regret that

... there will be no Open House shows on Custom House Square this year, nor a 2012 ChilliFest... there is increased competition for headliners from festivals and music promoters in Ireland and Europe. The bands we know you want are simply not available to us for a summer festival or the fees being sought are out of our reach and would make ticket prices out of your reach.

... Open House exists to bring you the very best in folk, traditional and Americana. So, if we can’t bring you the best bands when we want them, then we’ll bring them when we can. In short, a festival lineup all year long... We will be back with a strong lineup of Open House acts in June 2013.

Read the full release here. You can also keep in touch with Open House on Facebook.

NB: as a result of this change in Open House 2012, the Canadian band Viper Central has lost three dates from the tour arranged for them by Andy Peters of the Bronte Music Club in Co. Down. If you are likely to have, or know of, an opening for the band, please contact Andy by e-mail.

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