25 May 2012

Doc Watson in hospital

Thanks to Prof. Jack Bernhardt of North Carolina - whose McAuley lectures have been a regular feature of the Appalachian & Bluegrass Music Festival at Omagh, Co. Tyrone - for this news:

Doc Watson is in the hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Earlier this week, he fell at home and lay unattended for several hours. He was taken to a local hospital in Wautaga County, where he was treated for, among other things, a sinus infection. The physicians detected other problems and he was transported to Baptist Hospital in W-S. He is being treated for possible kidney failure, and has been listed in critical condition. Please ask your blog readers to send positive thoughts his way. He celebrated his 89th birthday in March. A musical treasure, indeed.

Thanks also to Jack for this link to coverage in the Winston-Salem News Observer. Doc is described as in 'critical but improved' condition after colon surgery. No bones appear to have been broken in his fall. David Holt, who frequently performs with Doc and has himself played at Omagh, in Dublin, and elsewhere in Ireland, has been keeping the media informed on Doc's progress.

See also this item on Bluegrass Today.

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