17 April 2012

Bluegrass birthday at Dunadry, Co. Antrim, 15 Apr. 2012

Thanks to Sharon Loughrin for this news of a worthy event in the Ulster bluegrass community last Sunday:

We were lucky enough to be invited to Brian Crawford's birthday session yesterday and spent a lovely afternoon listening to some of our finest bluegrass musicians. My Facebook page has a few photos from the session; you'll recognise the faces, but this video is of the legends that are Jimmy Quinn and Geordie McAdam! [shown below, with Tony Curran (banjo)] It was a nice informal get-together, plenty of craic and good food, friends, and music - perfect way to end the weekend.

Brian himself - Ulster's own 'Truck driving man' - appears second from right in the top photo, with guitar. More photos, showing more participants, are on Sharon's Facebook page.

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