06 April 2012

Bluegrass at the Kilbeggan American Car Show, 29 Apr. 2012

Thanks to Vinny Baker of Bending the Strings for this news:

The organisers of the Kilbeggan American Car Show are holding their annual event in Kilbeggan opposite the racecourse on the Kilbeggan-Mullingar road (N52) on Sunday 29 April at 3.00 p.m.

They are featuring a Bluegrass Tent in the show, supplied for bluegrass jams. There is not going to be a resident band, but we hope that we get bluegrass musicians to turn up and play. The organisers are giving free admission to the show to the bluegrass musicians who come, and they will get something to eat as well.

We will have a small PA system there, and we hope to have the making of a band. I will be there, as will mandolinist Joe Meehan; Moyra Fraser says she will be there, possibly Martin Cooney as well, and any other bluegrass players who intend coming on the day could e-mail me to let me know so I can let the organisers know.

As this is an American car show, a bluegrass session will add to the 'All Things American' feel and will help promote the music in this part of the country. So I hope to hear from lots of bluegrass players. Looking forward to hearing from you all...

Thanks, Vinny; it seems an ideal opportunity for playing numbers such as 'Lee Highway Blues', 'Heavy traffic ahead', 'Vincent Black Lightning', and 'Truck driving man'. Be sensitive to audience mood before doing 'Widow maker' or 'Wreck on the highway', though...

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