05 March 2012

Feet wanted

The BIB editor stresses:

No, not 'Hands wanted' (though there are times when an extra pair of hands on the BIB would be useful). The neighbouring island seems to be swarming with clogging teams, Appalachian dance troupes, and individual flatfooters, but we have yet to hear of anyone active in this field anywhere in Ireland, except for visiting artists.

We take heart, of a sort, from the pleasant surprise of discovering - but not till the end of last year - the vibrant Sacred Harp Singers of Cork. If there is anyone around practising traditional American steps, and especially any group doing so, we'd be glad to know of them. In particular, if anyone is flatfooting, clogging, or buckdancing in the south Dublin area, who would like to do so to live old-time music - drop us an e-mail. But news of anything of the kind, anywhere in this island, will be welcome.



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