11 March 2012

David Hope at Westport, 10 Mar. 2012

Uri Kohen reports from Westport, Co. Mayo:

As reported before, the Electric Cave Production found a new home in McGing's pub in Westport. After four very successful gigs by which we 'tested the water', we officially started the revival of our Unfinished Music Series. There was no more suitable artist than David Hope, the most celebrated artist of the Cave.

This time he decided to show his more 'rocky' side, backed with a three-piece band of bass, drums, and guitar. The full house welcomed David with open arms. Although there was a more punchy sound, David kept true to the tradition of folk and roots music with his original songs, cleverly planted among classic covers of the likes of Johnny Cash, Neil Young, and others.

The show proved once again that there is a hunger in Westport for quality roots and acoustic music, and the Electric Cave are promising to fill this hunger. Many more gigs are lined up to pave the road for the jewel in the crown - the 2012 Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival. The Festival is now in an advanced state to become one of the main folk and bluegrass events of this summer. We are looking forward to seeing all music fans making their way to Westport for the event.

See you in McGing's all year around and at the festival in June!

Uri adds: 'In the picture you can see the legendary Tom 'T-Bone' Lyons, one of the west's most paramount bluegrass musicians, taking the role of a bass player.'

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