22 February 2012

Wookalily to represent Ireland on the new Daughters of Bluegrass project!

Thanks to Adele Ingram of One-A-Chord Music Promotions for this great news for Ireland's premier all-woman, bluegrass-and-more band:

Wookalily have been invited by Tom T. and Dixie Hall to feature on the brand new Daughters of Bluegrass recording project, but were sworn to secrecy with a threat of being bound and gagged with banjo strings and bow hair. But now the news is out. Good Home Grown Music has confirmed in an e-mail to broadcasters that there is a new recording under way.

The Daughters consists of around 50 women in bluegrass and their fourth album this year will include names such as Sierra Hull and Dale Ann Bradley.

The award-winning 'Daughters of Bluegrass' was an idea conceived by bluegrass artists Lorraine Jordan and Gena Britt. They decided that since there were so many great women pickers and singers in bluegrass, why not bring them all together for a recording project showcasing those talents? This year they are including women from all over the world and Wookalily will be representing Ireland.

Their first album, The Daughters of American Bluegrass, was released on CMH Records in 2005 and nominated later that year for the 2005 IBMA Recorded Event of the Year. Since that time, the Daughters have recorded two more albums including Back to the well, winner of the 2006 IBMA Recorded Event of the Year, and Bluegrass bouquet, winner of the 2009 IBMA Recorded Event of the Year for the song 'Proud to be a Daughter'.

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