19 January 2012

JKBF 2012 in a new home: Tullamore

Thanks to Chris Keenan and Kathy Casey (left and right respectively in the photo) for this major news for the 2012 festival season:

The organisers of the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival wish to announce that the festival has moved to a new location...

The festival's new home will be TULLAMORE in the county of Offaly!

This move is seen as a positive step in making the festival more accessible with regards to location and in the form of accommodation, with a number of hotels, B&Bs, and camping facilities within the town's boundaries.

Further details will be released shortly, including lineup, events, and relevant information about Tullamore and surrounding area.

We hope everyone will join us in Tullamore 20-23 September 2012, to celebrate the start of our second decade!



At 2:05 pm, Blogger niall toner said...

Congratulations, and best wishes to the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival on their move to Tullamore in 2012. It is important to say that the Tullamore Chamber of Commerce, the Hoteliers, the Publicans and the Business Community are 100% behind the JKBF. This Festival, run by Chris and Kathy and their superb Committee has always featured top quality music, and will continue to do so, and with the kind of support assured by Tullamore, can only go from strength to strength. Again, congratulations, Niall Toner.


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