30 August 2012

Get a complimentary month of online lessons

The ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass, with its roster of A-list instructors on all six bluegrass instruments, is offering one month's instruction free (value $30), when you choose a three-month subscription to learn a bluegrass instrument online.

The ArtistWorks Video Exchangeâ„¢ Accelerated Learning Platform allows you to show your instructor what you're playing and get personalised feedback. Plans start at $90 for three months. ArtistWorks says:

You can learn from the best for less than it would cost for one lesson from the guy down the street! And of course, we're offering a free month. So if you sign up before 15 September, we'll give you four months of the most effective way to learn bluegrass for the price of three.

For full details and links, read the Academy newsletter here.

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