08 December 2011

Bluegrass education - and more

Thanks to James Taylor of ArtistWorks for this link to an interview with David Butler on the EdTechDigest website, on the future of music education, with special reference to the interactive video method for which ArtistWorks is famous (see the BIB post of 27 Nov., for instance).

Banjo players should make a point of seeing the video that shows ten minutes of Jens Kruger talking to Tony Trischka, and more footage of Kruger playing at a banjo workshop.

Thanks also to Ned Luberecki, Megan Lynch, and Stephen Mougin of the Nashville Music Workshop for this link to news of their own online bluegrass instruction system, together with links to the Hangout websites for the bluegrass instruments - and Christmas greetings, which the BIB cordially reciprocates.

Addendum: And there's always the father of instructional media for the bluegrass instruments: Happy Traum's Homespun. Just in the last week or so, Homespun news has included downloadable sets on harmony singing and bluegrass jamming, lessons from Sam Bush on bluegrass mandolin and Ken Perlman on clawhammer banjo, a free fingerstyle guitar lesson, and more. Read a Homespun e-newsletter; among the free goodies available are eleven pages of advice by Happy Traum on effective performing in public, which are available in pdf form here for download.

Update 10 Dec.: ... and Homespun also have gift certificates.

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