15 November 2011

Vincent Cross gives a timely reminder

Thanks to Vincent Cross in New York, who recently read in the New York Times a review by Seth Schiesel, the NYT music critic, of Biophilia, the latest CD by Björk. The review stresses how innovative the album is, because with an app from iPad one can interact with the music, in

a sort of audiovisual game... ambitious artists and executives in the struggling music industry will recognise Biophilia as a vital step forward in rethinking how their work can be conceived, packaged, delivered, and made relevant to the public.

Vincent, in his reply printed in the NYT, points out how musicians have for decades been interacting with recordings (and expanding their own consciousness and abilities in the process), by listening to them over and over again and playing along with them. I'm sure he has bluegrass musicians in mind...

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