23 November 2011

Crosspicking: taught by Kathy Barwick

Thanks to Cathal Cusack for this link to an instructional feature in the online version of the current issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.

In the feature Kathy Barwick (interviewed by Scott Nygaard) goes through some of the material she covered at her Dublin workshop in June this year (see the 7 September post on the BIB). Ten exercises in crosspicking are shown in tab and standard notation, and in the online version Kathy also demonstrates them, together with a 'lick of the month', on video.

Cathal comments: 'Probably of interest to guitar players in the bluegrass area' - quite rightly, as coincidentally (?) this year George Shuffler, whose work with the Stanley Brothers made crosspicking a vital part of bluegrass guitar playing, was inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame.

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