08 November 2011

Chris Stuart on Herschel Sizemore's 'Rebecca'

Herschel Sizemore in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel, Nashville, during IBMA's World of Bluegrass 2006 (photo: Carol Hawkins)

Besides such things as leading his band Backcountry and teaching at Sore Fingers Week, Chris Stuart (USA) is an outstanding, award-winning writer, best known for songs and bluegrass journalism. His 'Blue Yodel' column appears frequently on Bluegrass Today, with tons of good sense on the subject of songwriting (among many other things). So why is the subject of his latest 'Blue Yodel' an instrumental?

Well, it's Herschel Sizemore's mandolin classic, 'Rebecca'; and Chris's article is about the processes that lead to the emergence of such masterpieces. It's also about much more. Read the whole piece here.


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