04 November 2011

THE bluegrass guitar - in Dublin 2

Thanks to Patrick Simpson for this photo and this news:

One of the joys of walking around the streets of Dublin is you'll never know who you will meet or what you will find. So I thought I would let your readers know about a brand new, straight-from-the-factory Martin D-18V that is for sale in Dublin at the Perfect Pitch music shop, 35 Exchequer St., D2.

As you may know, a Martin D-18 is 'the Bluegrass Guitar' and a must-have for a serious flatpicker. The 'V' is for 'Vintage', and it seems C.F. Martin are now remembering how to make replicas of their best guitars. It is a rarity to find one in such good condition in Ireland, and this guitar has a great neck and finish and overall tone with a warm, full, Martin acoustic sound.

So if there are any new bluegrass guitar players who wish to start out on a really nice guitar, or if you are looking for an upgrade, or if you just wish to add to your collection, you should clear out your bank accounts for this amazing guitar and contact Gerry Crowe at 01 6771553 or visit the shop's website. The Perfect Pitch is an authorized C.F. Martin dealer, and I believe the D18V is retailing at around €2,500 - which I imagine includes a Martin case. Thanks for listening, and happy pickin'!

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