29 November 2011

Bluegrass for Pudsey - the triumphant total

As reported on the BIB, bluegrass sessions were held in aid of Children in Need on the first three weekends in November at Ellie May's (left) in Dunadry, Co. Antrim. Tony Curran reports the outcome:

I know everyone will be delighted to learn that we managed to raise a total of £517.83 (and an American quarter dollar that someone thought was a 10p!) for the appeal. This magnificent sum was in no small measure due to the support we had from all the bluegrass community, including an unexpected visit to the 'Black North' by Sean McManus and PJ, who stayed over in his camper at Ellie May's on the evening of the 19th!!

MANY, MANY, MANY THANKS! to all who helped! I hope to be able to present Ray (the manager/tenant) of Ellie May's with a certificate of our donation - with suitable media coverage (of course!) - as soon as I receive it from Pudsey headquarters!

What a good result! Thanks again to all who contributed with time, money, playing skills, and friendship!

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