15 November 2011

At Rosine cemetery, 1 October 2011

Last week the BIB published the cutting below from the Times-News for Hartford and Beaver Dam, KY, showing Niall Toner playing at the cemetery of Rosine, KY, during a memorial service for Bill Monroe on 1 Oct. this year.

We've now given the occasion its own post, as Enda Donnelly of Fair City Grass has written to say that he is

delighted to observe my spouse [Geraldine] on the extreme left, just above Niall's shoulder, draped in a shawl, given to her by a kind vendor as it was a chilly frosty morning. Needless to say I am obscured by Niall's head and shoulder!

At the far right-hand corner is 'Doc' Campbell Mercer on mandolin, and the small very elderly lady (who was dressed in red), in the centre beside the banjo player, is a close relative of Bill Monroe and she gave a short talk about Bill and family. Most of us there took part vocally in the chorus of all the gospel songs. Glad we were part of that memorable occasion.

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