06 October 2011

The Wranglers at the Patriots Inn, Kilmainham, 12 Oct. and 9 Nov. 2011

Thanks again to Anthony Mannion for the news that the Wranglers, who played at the Patriots Inn at Kilmainham, Dublin, in September, will now be playing monthly there; the dates for the next two shows are 12 October and 9 November. Anthony sends this blurb about the gig:

FREE GIG! Show ends at 11.30 p.m. so you'll just make the last bus home. The 123 stops just around the corner, venue is right beside IMMA.

Snap those dusty boots on folks, and get ready for a buck-leppin' bluegrass jamboree!! The Wranglers are back in Dublin folks, robbing your booze and your innocence, using only the sound of rowdy three-part harmonies, Dobro, steel guitar, and pumping bass. Gather your friends and families and pile on into the Patriots Inn for another night of mischief.

Anthony adds that he and friends are working up another bluegrass band, under the provisional title of Slim Pickin's, who already have a tour booked for November (details TBA). The band's present sound can be sampled on YouTube. They'll be doing a small interview and song on RTE Arena on 13 October; the band plans to have a Facebook page and bio set up by then, and will be recording later in the year.

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