12 October 2011

Pre-loved banjo needs a good home

Tim Rogers reports from Westport, Co. Mayo, that his excellent bluegrass banjo (shown left) - a Deering Boston pot matched with a Gold Tone neck, and with top-quality Schaller tuners and hardware, set up for bluegrass playing by Matt Cooper of Dublin - is looking for a good home, and comes with a very good price-tag. Tim's message, though succinct, is worth quoting in full:

Hello banjo lovers (don't bother trying to deny it) - if anyone you know might be interested in this banjo I'd appreciate any help passing the word along.

thanks. That is all

Further details, including price, are here, together with how to contact Tim, who can also be e-mailed.


For those who already own a Gold Tone instrument or may be contemplating doing so: look at the latest Gold Tone news, including a 7+minute video on setup, and details of new products ranging from A-length banjos to tuners, stands, and pickups.

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The price is included in the 'further details' at this link; but to save you having to look, it's € 600.



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