13 October 2011

More from Rosine

Thanks again to Enda Donnelly of Fair City Grass, Dublin's senior bluegrass band, for more about the trip that he and his wife Geraldine made to the Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Celebration 2011 in Rosine, KY. The above photo of Enda at the entrance to the cemetery, which holds the Monroe family graves, shows the weather in Rosine on the morning of Sunday 2 October. Enda gives several examples of the hospitality (and musicianship) of the people he met at Rosine, and adds:

It was worth it all - so many nice, friendly, and helpful people there. We were unique, I suppose, being the only Irish people there, until later we discovered a lone Limerick man, Gavin Madden; and then Niall and Aidan from RTÉ on Sunday. We also met up with a lovely couple from the south of England, passionate about bluegrass, who are still touring. Anyone from a foreign country put their country of origin on a large map of USA at the site. I should mention, they loved the Irish accent and wanted to chat away for ages!

... We were going to do the Nashville tour sometime, but my heart said 'Rosine', especially this Centennial year.

Enda's earlier account of his trip can be read here.



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