28 October 2011

Give me the banjo: update

Thanks to Derek Lockhart of Dangem Quality Instruments in Craigavon, Co. Armagh, for the following information. Dangem is among the 'Kickstarters' for the Banjo Project - that is, the company helped to provide financial support for the decisive early stages of the Project, which is documenting, and producing a documentary film about, the banjo. The film, now entitled Give me the banjo, is to be broadcast by PBS in the USA on Friday 4 November. The Project's update bulletin says:

Check your PBS station for exact time, but in most markets it will be 9.00 p.m. (or 8.00 p.m. Central). This is the program that your support helped to make possible. Kickstarter backers are acknowledged in the underwriting credits before and after the program. Look for additional content coming soon - including segments on the 4-string banjo and Ralph Stanley - online at PBS Arts.

A brief 'taster' of the film can be seen here on Vimeo, consisting of a compilation of some of the participants and musical performances in 'Give me the banjo', with the tune 'Sally Ann' played by Stevie Barr (banjo) and Wayne Henderson (guitar) as background music, and narration by Steve Martin.

Update 28 Oct.: US photographer Darwin K. Davidson, who specialises in photos of bluegrass musicians, has produced a 2012 calendar entitled Women of banjo - full details are here.

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