23 October 2011

Finale at Jerusalem Ridge

Thanks again to Enda Donnelly of Fair City Grass, for more on the historic Monroe centennial celebrations at Rosine, KY, last month:

Received attached pics from the Henderson family of Fredericksburg, VA (their 15-year-old son plays banjo with the Kody Norris band). This family are also a bluegrass gospel group. Enjoyed several hours of wonderful picking with Matthew & his family. He plays a Stelling Red Fox custom-made archtop banjo.

Pic. 1: This is me and Matthew enjoying a pick in the sunshine on the Ridge.

Pic. 2: Grand Finale on the main stage of the JR festival. This photo includes 'yours truly' [centre], Geraldine (Irish dancing) to my right; to my left, Joe Isaacs and Campbell Mercer (TV producer/festival organiser). I should mention that this festival is recorded and broadcast on RFD-TV (USA).

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