03 October 2011

Bluegrass from the Midlands in the far West

Uri Kohen reports from Westport, Co. Mayo:

When I started to promote bluegrass music, more than five years ago, I was under the impression that most of the music is being created in the east and south coasts of the island. I now know that I was very wrong, and that there is beautiful bluegrass music being played all over the land.

In recent weeks a few promoters (me included) started to work together to create a network of gigs and music promotion. Through these contacts, I was introduced to the great sound of Hickory Wind, a great bluegrass band from Athlone. I invited them to Westport as part of my autumn programme.

They arrived last Saturday (1.10.2011) and exceeded all expectations, combining bluegrass and folk standards with their own bluegrass take on contemporary music. The gig was going alongside the Westport Arts Festival which takes place this week, but in Geraghty's pub [above] it seems all that the people want is bluegrass music.

Once again the crowd was overwhelmed by the quality of the band and gave me the great feedback of their love to this wonderful music. I see it as a great honour to bring bluegrass music to the people of Westport and beyond.

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