23 October 2011

Bluegrass and Roots Music Night at the Spectrum Centre, Belfast, 3 Nov. 2011

Thanks to Jacqui Roberts for a reminder of the Bluegrass and Roots Music Night organised by Julie Andrews, to be held on Thursday 3 November at the Spectrum Centre, Belfast. It is intended that this will open the way to lessons and jam sessions in bluegrass music.

Full details are on the flyer images; click for an enlarged view. The Bluegrass and Roots Music Night, billed as 'an evening of bluegrass music and culture', runs from 7.00 to 10.00 p.m. on 3 Nov., and includes sets by the Broken Strings Band and Down and Out Bluegrass Band; a short talk by Billy Kennedy, author of an acclaimed series of books on the Scots-Irish in North America; and 'Flaming Sticks' (Natalie Chambers).

If you are interested in learning a bluegrass instrument or getting involved with the Spectrum Centre in bluegrass/ Scots-Irish/ Ulster Scots music, please contact 028 9050 4555 or e-mail.

Update 24 Oct.: Dangem Quality Instruments, from whom we first heard the news of the Bluegrass and Roots Music Night, add:

* Tell your Friends
* Tell your Family
* Tell people you don’t even know
* A great night of Bluegrass Entertainment
* Get your tickets now!
* Why not treat someone
* To a great night of music
* To a great night of culture
* With a few laughs to boot!

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