25 September 2011

Wiretappers in Ireland now: instruments wanted for temporary use

L-r: David Smith, Larry Chung, Jake Weber, Mark Snyder

The Wiretappers from Seattle, WA, are now in Ireland: some of us will have seen a threesome from the band already over the past week at events including the 10th Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival in Longford town, and the full band will be playing next weekend at the 3rd Bruff Bluegrass Festival in Bruff, Co. Limerick (30 Sept.-2 Oct.).

Multi-instrumentalist Larry Chung flew into Ireland today to join the rest of the band. Larry reports:

I do have a fiddle with me, but am looking for a [acoustic] guitar or [5-string] banjo or mandolin that I could use while I'm there. Any leads or suggestions would be most appreciated - nothing fancy, either.

We hope that as several bluegrass bands will be in Bruff for the festival, it might be possible for a spare instrument to be found and brought to Bruff for Larry to use there. If you can help out, please contact Larry by e-mail or by phone (Larry's US mobile is 415.370.6191; Jake's Irish mobile is 085 272 8363).

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