18 September 2011

Old-time on video

Thanks again to Sharon Loughrin for this link to a YouTube video of the US old-time band Old Sledge. They begin a two-week tour of Britain this coming Friday; full details are on the European Bluegrass Blog.

The video, shot in March this year, shows the band playing 'Danville girl'. There's an added attraction for Irish audiences in that Ben Townsend of the Fox Hunt is playing banjo. The Fox Hunt have made two tours in Ireland recently, and Sharon informs us that Ben will be returning to Ireland for two weeks after the end of the Old Sledge tour. More details (if any) when we have them.


Thanks to Nancy Cardwell of the IBMA for this YouTube link to the fifteen-minute video 'Close kin: a reunion of bluegrass and old-time music', a project by Mountain Roads Recordings that brings prominent musicians from both genres together.

This kind of meeting is becoming frequent between musicians from the camps of bluegrass and Irish music; perhaps it's the fact that bluegrass and old-time are such near neighbours that makes this particular meeting more unusual. But as is pointed out in the video, at the Old Time Fiddlers Convention in Galax, VA, bluegrass and old-time bands used to enter the same contests, and the 'Galax style' is a mixture of both elements. The album Close kin is due for release on 23 September.

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