26 September 2011

The Mother of Bluegrass Blogs is born again

Vigilant readers will have noticed that the panel of headlines from the award-winning original Bluegrass Blog disappeared from the right-hand column of the BIB in the last few days. The reason is that the transformation of the Bluegrass Blog into Bluegrass Today, originally planned for three weeks ago (see here) and deferred for last-minute technical improvements, took place during the period of the Longford festival. For anyone who wishes to be kept informed of what is on the BT website: we advise that you subscribe to it, so as to receive regular e-mail updates on new posts.

We thought that improvement on the original BB might be hard to achieve, but the new site has achieved it in no uncertain terms. The BIB sends, with gratitude and admiration, its best wishes to John Lawless of the BB/BT, to Brance Gillihan, his original co-founder of the BB, to the new crew, and to the Mother of Bluegrass Blogs in its new incarnation.



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