20 September 2011

Mikey & the Scallywags at Westport, 17 Sept.

Uri Kohen reports from Westport, Co. Mayo:

I have been promoting gigs in Westport since 2004, but it has been a while since I was so excited about a line of shows such as the current one I am promoting. Last week I told the readers of the blog all about the upcoming gigs in Geraghty's, Westport, and last Saturday (17.9.2011) we had the first one.

Mikey and the Scallywags came to Westport to perform their unique and very energetic style of folk music. Even at the sound check it was very clear that the lads are very talented musicians and we are up for a treat.

The show is based on original material with homage to some classics that gets the crowd going. The strong rhythm section alongside the lively and driven sound of the fiddle and the banjo are superb backing for the guitar playing and singing of Mikey. The band created a wholesome sound but expressed the individuality of every member and instrument.

It was a full house and the crowd demanded to have them back again. Maybe not bluegrass in the true sense of the word, but the music is influenced by the right vibes. Go and see Mikey and the Scallywags - you won't be disappointed. Next week David Hope; see you in Westport.

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