26 September 2011

A magical time at the Crock of Gold

Thanks to John Bermingham, co-host with his wife Monika of the acclaimed venue Croc an Oir (above), who reports on the very successful show given there by the Niall Toner Band on 8 September. As evidence that the band also enjoyed the occasion, John quotes a message from Niall:

Thanks to you both so much for your wonderful hospitality last night at Croc an Oir. It was a magical experience, and Clem and Dick and Moira and I are all agreed that from every perspective, it was just top class. Thank you both, and all your crew, for everything. If only all our gigs were like this... this is what makes the whole thing worthwhile, and it totally restores my faith in human nature.

Contact John Bermingham
Croc an Oir
Co Tipperary
Tel. +353 52 9153117

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