09 September 2011

Hayseed Dixie in Ireland, 25-29 Oct. 2011

The 'Appalachian Rockgrass hellraisers' Hayseed Dixie have been touring in Europe since April this year (when their ninth full-length studio album, Sjt Munchs Drikkeklubb Band, was released) and have still the best part of two months to go, near the end of which they will play five shows in Ireland.

While the tour is taking in most of the countries of western and northern Europe, a majority of the dates are in Britain or Scandinavia - reflecting the fact that the new album is entirely in Norwegian, including three original songs. Their website claims that 'this is the first time any American band has recorded an album in the Norwegian language. It's historic!' The dates in Ireland, all in late October, are:

Tues. 25th: Dolan's Warehouse, Limerick city
Wed. 26th: Cyprus Avenue, Cork city
Thurs. 27th: Button Factory, Dublin city
Fri. 28th: The Model, Sligo Live Festival
Sat. 29th: Spring & Airbrake, Open House Festival Hellow'een Hoedown, Belfast

Full tour details can be found on Hayseed Dixie's Appearances page.

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