26 September 2011

Furnace Mountain tour, May-June 2012?

Thanks again to Loudon Temple of the Brookfield Knights (UK) agency, who announces that Furnace Mountain from Virginia, USA, will be available for touring in these islands from late May to mid June 2012.

Furnace Mountain are a folk group whose members individually play mountain music and bluegrass, and who bring some of the older music (and dance) into their show. Their last tour in Britain, including the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow early this year, attracted lavish praise from the media, and correspondingly big audiences. A ten-minute video from one of their Glasgow sets can be seen here.

They are expected to have a new album to promote during the proposed tour, with corresponding exposure from print media and radio. Promoters and event organisers are asked to let Brookfield Knights know what dates may be available in that period to make it possible to put a fitting tour together for the band.

Brookfield Knights
Tel. 01505 706346
Mob. 07831 878013

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