29 August 2011

News from Westport

On a personal note, Uri Kohen reports from Westport, Co. Mayo:

Last Wednesday (24/8) I was lucky enough to see an amazing show entitled 'Look at Miss Ohio', a tribute to the music of Gillian Welch. It was one of two nights: the first was in Dublin, and I travelled to the one in Galway.

First, the gig took place in the amazing surrounding of Kelly's Bar, which is a brilliant venue for such a show. On stage we saw eight fantastic musicians with great passion for music and great love of the work of Gillian Welch. The musical director of the show, New Zealander Gerry Paul, played guitar and banjo and did a very fine job recreating the sound of David Rawlings. He was joined on stage by bass player Trevor Hutchinson and fiddle player Sean Regan, which gave a strong and unique backing for the beautiful voices of three fine singers. Noriana Kennedy, Nicole Joyce, and Pauline Scanlon - all dressed in Welch's trademark dresses and high boots - seemed like they were having the time of their life while performing superb versions of all of Welch's great songs.

The lineup was completed by great Galway singer/songwriter Noelie McDonnell who sang and played guitar for most of the song, and the surprise appearance of Dutch singer Christof van der Ven, formerly of Mad Uncle Harry, whose voice was well missed on our shores since his return to Holland.

All in all it was a superb evening performed by the cream of Irish musicians and paying respect to one of the finest singers on the planet (by my own admission). I sure hope that they will get together again and we will have the chance for such an enjoyable night once again.

Uri also reports on a '100 miles an hour' show presented by his Electric Cave Production at Geraghty's in Westport:

The last show we had in Geraghty's pub was the brilliant Vincent Cross, and last night we upped the pace with Jukebox Gypsy (UK) [photo above]. The band's current Irish tour is their fifth, and it is nearly a month and a half long. The band, which was formed in Liverpool, have changed their lineup several times but never lost their quality.

The visit to Westport saw them arriving just as a four-piece band, as their singer and banjo player is currently pregnant (another bluegrass fan on the way). The four lads started the show in full-on energy and took the packed house on an amazing roller-coaster of roots, folk, and bluegrass. I heard many great reviews about them, but to see the show in my own eyes was a great experience. It was a fantastic show and as they are around the country for another while, I highly recommend all music lovers to try and catch the show.

A full schedule for the Jukebox Gypsy tour, which lasts till 18 Sept. 2011, is on the band's website.

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