02 August 2011

New documentary films on Highwoods Stringband and Green Grass Cloggers

Thanks to FOAOTMAD for passing on this news concerning two of the most influential US groups in the revival of old-time music and dance:

Horse Archer Productions, who produced the Why old time? and Henry Reed DVDs in 2008 are working on two new documentaries. One is on the Highwoods Stringband and the other on the Green Grass Cloggers.

If you saw either the Highwoods Stringband or the Green Grass Cloggers live, knew them personally, were influenced by them, or just want to help one of the only film-makers covering old-time music, please go to the link and see the list of perks you can get, all while helping us make these two films.

There is an unreleased video of Highwoods at Brandywine Festival in 1978 of which a sample appears in the video here. It will be cleaned up for the final film. Both the Highwoods and Green Grass Cloggers are on board with the project.


Also on the subject of the Green Grass Cloggers, one of their newer members is putting together a souvenir DVD for their 40th anniversary. For more details look here.

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