19 August 2011

Fair City Grass in Stephen's Green, 17 Aug. 2011

Smithy, Graham, Enda, and Dave on the Green bandstand (photo: Tim Nolan)

Thanks to Enda Donnelly for news of the latest show by Fair City Grass, Dublin's senior bluegrass band:

With all the broken weather this summer, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day again on Wednesday. People were gathered around sitting on the grass enjoying the sunshine while Dave and I set up the PA system.

Most of our set list consisted of Bill Monroe tunes & songs, to coincide with his centennial celebration. We did a takeoff on 'Big Mon' with 'In the pines' plus wind sound effects and falsetto on chorus, and were helped out by a highly amused group of French people.

Dave introduced his Martin D45, with a Gibson strap, may I add; nevertheless it made a sweet sound. Smithy made a welcome return on a Fender fretless bass with a brand new bass amp and bass bin containing six ten-inch drivers, so we could really rock the green.

Overall it was an enjoyable day except I had to struggle with a damaged tendon on the middle finger of my left hand, which will be undergoing surgery soon.

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